Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looking for Healthy School Lunch Ideas?

It can be a challenge coming up with new ideas for school lunches.  If you're lucky and your child's school has the ability to heat up food that expands the menu a little but most schools don't have that option. 

Here are a few basic recommendations:
  1. Portions - There are so many great containers out there that offer 3 compartments for food portions. 
  2. Variety - These same portion containers allow for variety in your child's meal.  Mixing up a fruit, vegtable, protien, dairy and/or carbs provides healthy variety.
  3. Nutrition - Most kids like to see a sweet treat in their lunches but be sure to balance that with some more nutritional options too.  If you do provide a dessert, then there should be a solid main dish and side along with it.

Once you have the basics down it's finding ways to mix things up.  Sandwiches seem to be a staple in most school lunches.  They are great but you can even play with those, make a wrap using a tortilla or take away the carb element all together and just wrap meat and cheese in a roll up.  Fruits and veggies cleaned and cut up should be a staple in every lunch.  My kids enjoy dipping their veggies in ranch so if you need to add a dip for them to eat their veggies, then go for it!  Pretzels, goldfish, veggie chips, pita chips are a few of the alternatives to potato chips. 

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